A recent survey from JobKorea found that 60% of Why Korean Millennials & Gen Zs Prefer to be Gig Workers in Korea.

A large part of this could be due to the fact that a majority of Korean Gen Zs expressed a grim outlook on securing a permanent contract position.

What made Korean Gen Zs feel pessimistic in their job-seeking prospect?

Number 1 reasons unsurprisingly is linked to the current COVID-19 situation and its effect on the economy.

This followed by a self-perceived lack of qualifications compared to other candidates.


Grim outlook

Gig Work as a Confidence builder

60% of Millennial and Generation Z job seekers prefer to work as Gig Workers in Korea,
majority of them see Gig Works as an opportunity to gain valuable experiences for their career development.


Gig Work as Confidence builder

Preferences for better work-life blending and work cultures, Gig work gives Gen Zs the agility to manage their work schedules and to work in an environment that suits their personal value and ways of working.

Some Korean Gen Zs expressed one of the benefits as Gig workers: Don’t need to deal with company cultures that don’t appeal to them.

South Korea’s gig economy has grown explosively mostly based on the success of food delivery apps such as Baemin and Yogiyo, which formed a 10 trillion-won market in 2018.

As of 2019, there are 500,000 gig economy workers or around 2 percent of all employed workers, according to the Korea Employment Information Service.

Besides logistics gig work, more and more industries are joining the digital gig economy in Korea. As more service and knowledge-based gig work digital platforms develop, we can expect to keep seeing a change in career path preference for Gen Zs in Korea for years to come.


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