Koreans are paying more attention to the quality of their lives and Gen Zs are at the forefront of seeking the ideal blend of work and life, many of them are expressing: They want work-life blending, not work-life balance. 

Worabel 워라블  the Korean shorthand slang for “work-life blending” (not to confused with work-life balance 워라밸 ) often comes up in work conversations among Gen Z professionals and it is certainly a conversation worth having in the workplace. 

What does it mean when they say they want work-life blending, not work-life balance? 


Koreans want Work life blending, not work life balance 1


Korean emphasis on work life blending over balance imply being able to do more than just juggling work and life in a constant struggle to pick one over the other. 

Work life blending means both elements of work and life are important to them, and they would like to achieve seamless transitions between the two. 

Bottomline: Worabel 워라블: Both work and life should thrive without necessarily making sacrifices to one for the other.


The trend of creating work life blending in Korean may set to continue and spread with data from the labour department has already shown a steadily decreasing in work hours per month since 2011. 


Koreans want Work life blending, not work life balance 2

Source: http://kostat.go.kr/

Is work life blending the only thing that Gen Z Koreans want from their career? What elses are important to them at work? 

Stay tuned as we look to explore other elements in the coming weeks. 

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