A recent survey co-conducted by JoongAng Ilbo and Teamblind asked Korea worker, which are the Happiest Companies to Work for in Korea, the list may surprise you, but what is not so surprising is that Korean workers consider these as keys to employee happiness:

● Purpose-driven work
● Fair compensation & benefits
● A workplace that has an emphasis on mental wellbeing
● Relationship with superior
● Trust in the workplace

Here are the Happiest Companies to Work for in Korea and why according to their employees.


Happiest Companies to work for in Korea


Purpose-driven work

Have transparency on how their work objectives are aligned and contribute to the company’s strategy and vision.

Every employee should know how their individual work contributes to their team, division, company and even to the wider group strategy. They need to understand their work is important to the organization.

Company-wide strategy and vision should always be highly visible and frequently communicated to employees, business performance should be tracked and updated regularly to all related employees so they would know “how they are doing” and feel included and engaged.

Fair compensation & benefits

Having a high reward and compensation package is great, what engages employees, even more, is a clear and fair performance management process that everyone can understand and be evaluated and rewarded fairly.

Not knowing how your work is being measured or worse being treated unfairly is sure to create employee discontent and de-motivate your teams. Managers need to be trained and evaluated on being about to conduct performance management fairly and consistently.

On the same hand, employees AT ALL LEVELS ( from the CEO to your intern) need to be familiarized with the process with full transparency and be held accountable to their performance by the same process.

A workplace that emphasis on mental wellbeing/Relationship with superior/Trust in the workplace.

All comes down to having

1. Leaders that understand that investing attention and resource in their employees’ mental wellbeing is beneficial to the overall performance of
the organization.

2. Developing the right skill set in all managers to be able to lead with compassion

3. Regular check-ups! Just like personal health, the health of an organisation needs to be constantly monitored, twice a year company-wide engagement surveys most likely will be less effective than regular pulse check-up conducted within divisions or teams. For these pulse checkups to have a successful outcome organisation will need to …

4. Empower your leaders to do the right thing, provide divisional or team leaders the resource AND opportunity to improve engagement and wellbeing of their team.


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