Compassionate Leadership in 2020

Compassionate Leadership in 2020

2020 has been a challenging year for many with the physical and mental wellbeing of employees being a priority of many organisations. Leaders are tasked with paying extra attention to their people to ensure employee productivity & engagement. 

HBR studied the impact compassionate leadership has on employees in 2020. Compassion in leadership is found to create stronger connections between people. It improves collaboration, raises levels of trust, and enhances loyalty. In addition, studies find that compassionate leaders are perceived as stronger and more competent.

However, compassion on its own is not enough. For effective leadership, compassion must be combined with wisdom: leadership competence, a deep understanding of what motivates people, and how to manage them to deliver on agreed priorities

You can do a quick assessment to gauge your compassion as a leader here

More on compassionate leadership here:  👉

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