A different type of intern in Korea?


Different types of interns in Korea are making an impression in the Korean workplace. 

The Korean government has been encouraging businesses to take up new interns, not your typical fresh graduates or MBA students. But citizens over the age of 60s. 

Companies are provided with incentives to employ senior citizens for the Senior Internship Programme. 

What is a senior internship Programme?

As the aged Korean population continues to grow in the peninsular, so does the number of retirees who have expressed a desire to work after their retirement. 


What is a senior internship Programme?

Survey found that 95.4 percent of Korean in their 50s expressed their desire to work a part-time job after they retired 

The Korean government provides wages support for companies to promote employment for over 60 older workers and encourages them to employ senior interns,  a different type of interns in Korea. 


How are they doing?

We spend a lot of time talking about the benefit of achieving generational diversity in the workplace i.e. inclusion of Gen Zs and Millennials in leadership and decision-making processes. 

But what about retirees? How are they getting on in their senior internships? 

But what about retirees? How are they getting on in their senior internships?

Survey conducted amongst companies who participated in the senior internship programme found that over 70 percent of employers are happy with their senior part-time employees, their top 5 reasons are:

  1. Less likely to change job
  2. Positive Performances   
  3. Positive attitude 
  4. Taking responsibility for their work
  5. Problem-solving skills  

Generational Diversity: Each generation has knowledge and experience sets to offer that are beneficial to the workplace. Be it Gen Zs, Millennials, Gen Xs or Baby Boomers, the most successful organisations are the one who can effectively integrate the generations and facilitate collaborations.   

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