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Vision and Strategy

“It was a great experience, everyone was involved and engaged, it was unlike any other meeting or event we had. LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a fantastic way to get everyone to speak up and share their expertise and thoughts”

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Leadership Development

The Leadership team were able to gain insights into their work relationship and made a major breakthrough when they courageously discussed the issue of how the CEO has a closer work relationship with his business development director than the rest of the team.

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Organizational Culture Change

“Great session to bring out the collaborative effort in the team, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® ensured that everyone had the opportunity to contribute and the day passed by so quickly because of how involved everyone was.”

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Employee Engagement

“It was a great way for us engage our people and it helped us to gather a lot of real time, honest feedback and ideas on how to best enable our people to support our vision and culture”

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Organisational Value Alignment

Employees used LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method to explore the intricate relationships between the competencies and their job, each of them were able to have frank discussions on areas they believed could be further developed…

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