The client is a luxury hotel with 434 rooms located in Seoul Korea, operating within a multinational hospitality group headquartered in the USA. With multiple brands within the group and each brand with a unique set of vision and values, the client realised that this created confusion and misalignment and resulted in limitation of their innovation effort and delivery of their strategy.


RDI Intervention with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

The client invited RDI to deliver a 1-day workshop during their quarterly management meeting with the purpose to bring focus on the group corporate vision and engage the management team to generate insight and ideas on how they can “Bring their vision, value and strategy to life” and improve their customer service experience.

Number of participants: 24

Material: 24 LEGO® exploration bags, + 2 landscape and Identity Kit



The management team had the opportunity to discuss what the corporate vision means to them and their customers. Furthermore, the team were able to work together to generate new ideas to improve their digital and online customer experiences.


General Manager feedback

“It was a great experience, everyone was involved and engaged, it was unlike any other meeting or event we had. LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a fantastic way to get everyone to speak up and share their expertise and thoughts”