Organisation C, a multinational luxury goods brand from NY, USA has gone through a considerable amount of change due to multiple brand extensions as well as structural changes. The leadership team in the Korea office realised they as a leadership team need to devote energy and time to not only focus on the “WHAT” but also on “HOW” they lead their organisation in order to effectively lead their people in this time of change.


RDI Intervention with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

Organisation C invited RDI to facilitate a 6 hours workshop off-site with the purpose of using LEGO SERIOUS PLAY to explore each other’s leadership identity, their “TEAM LIFE”: How they do things as a team, in order to gain insight on how their relationship with each other have an impact on their effectiveness as well as individual and collective action they can take to become better leaders.


Number of participants: 6

Material: 6 LEGO Window Exploration Bags + 1 Landscape and Identity Kit + Connection Kit



The Leadership team were able to gain insights into their work relationship and made a major breakthrough when they courageously discussed the issue of how the CEO has a closer work relationship with his business development director than the rest of the team. The team confronted the issue with tact, openness and positive attitude, they collectively agreed to work together to bring the team closer as a whole with an action-plan.

Furthermore, the leadership team took an honest look at their leadership identity and ways of working from the insights they generated, they were able to form guiding principles e.g. HOW they lead and behave in the office, this has led to the leadership team receiving positive feedback from their direct reports as well as internal stakeholders overseas.