Organisation E, an educational establishment based in Seoul, Korea, has witnessed tremendous growth in the past 5 years, at the same time the organisation realised that their growing numbers of employees were often not aware of the organisation’s values and long term vision. They had become detached from the organisation culture; that in turn led to disengagement behaviours in the form of high turnover and a lack of commitment to responsibilities.


RDI Intervention with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

Organisation E invited RDI to facilitate a 2-day workshop with the purpose to increase employees’ awareness of the organisation vision and to engage and include them in shaping the organisation’s culture by expressing their opinions.


Number of participants: 55

Material: 55 LEGO Window Exploration Bags + 1 Landscape and Identity Kit


Employees were able to bond and build meaningful relationships with their management. Staffs from all levels of the organisation were able to have participative discussions, and generated valuable insights and identified key actionable objectives:

  • Improve internal communication channels between senior management and front line employees
  • Provide better support in emotional intelligence and resilience development for all employees


CEO feedback

“It was a great way for us engage our people and it helped us to gather a lot of real time, honest feedback and ideas on how to best enable our people to support our vision and culture”