RDI Worldwide accepts the imperative duty as a business to protect the privacy and security of your personal information and will dedicate our utmost effort to prevent your personal information from being leaked or damaged. This Policy defines the purpose of collecting your information, retention period, and how “RDI Worldwide” collect and disclose your information. 

Purposes for collecting your personal information

RDI Worldwide collects your personal information to provide services to you, our clients and to operate our business. We will only use personal information collected for the following purposes. 

  • Recruitment services for placement of individuals looking for new careers or seeking employment regardless of contract type.
  • Internal and external communication between our team and clients exclusively for recruitment purposes.
  • Maintain talent records for the possibility of future engagement in line with our recruitment operations. 
  • Conduct analytics, surveys, or marketing activities dedicated for specific audiences. Any published material will not identify you or include a series of relevant information that may lead to your identification, and it will refer only to a larger assembly of individuals. 

Retention period

RDI Worldwide retains your personal information for as long as needed or permitted, in the interest of the same purposes for which it was initially collected. We will delete an individual’s personal information and any information leading to his or her identification if requested by the individual. 

How we collect personal information

In the course of interaction with RDI Worldwide, you provide us with the information directly. 

  • Your personal information is collected when you register your information on our website, submit your resume for any position engaged by RDI Worldwide, respond to our outreach via email, phone call, social media, or by any means of interaction, complete our surveys, and participate in events run by RDI Worldwide. 
  • We may receive your information from our clients engaged with our services.
  • In the course of our business operations, we may also obtain personal information from third parties, including, but are not limited to, referrals, networking events, public databases and online platforms. 
  • Your referral and recommendation of an individual implies that you represent them on their behalf and permit us to use the information you provide us in conformity with this Policy. 

How we disclose your information

Disclosure of your personal information will depend upon the situation. As we need your information to provide our services, we disclose your information to clients who are engaged with our services. 

  • We disclose information regarding candidates, along with assessment or any other related data about candidates, to respective employers in the course of providing our recruitment and consulting services. Respective employers by definition in this context may be employers of the organization of which you are seeking employment. 
  • On occasions, we disclose personal information to third parties in support for our services and business operations. These parties may include, but are not limited to, hosting platforms, IT service providers, assessment services, background and reference checking, marketing services, data analysis, attorneys, and other administrative services. We do not assume responsibility for the actions of our third parties and their way of using personal information received by RDI Worldwide. 
  • RDI Worldwide may also use or disclose personal information to comply with legal obligations and inquiries, requested by public or government authorities. We may use your personal information to protect privacy, safety, and property of you, RDI Worldwide and our affiliates. 
  • We do not disclose any information you wish to keep confidential, if specifically requested by you or any individual speaking on your behalf. 

Legal compliance & commitment

RDI Worldwide will administer all collected personal information in accordance with laws and legislation pertinent to personal information and relevant specifications. 

Last Updated: 22 February 2021