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Millennial and GenZ
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Overcome generational gaps in your team - make generational diversity your competitive advantage in the market.

What is Millennial &
Gen Z Leadership

RDI Millennial & Gen Z Solution is researched and designed to help global organisations in Korea upskill their leaders with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively lead Korean Millennials and Gen Z.

Why Millennial & Gen Z Leadership

In 2020, 80% of Koreans believe there is a generational gap issue at their workplace, and 65% expressed it is a major source of stress for them and limiting their performance at work.

Can you afford to ignore the generational gap in the workplace?
What if the Generational Gaps in your company can be harnessed and turned into Generational Diversity: a strength and competitive advantage for you in the global market?

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of Leadership Development Experience
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Who is Millennial & Gen Z Leadership for?

Our Millennial & Gen Z Leadership programme is designed to help Leaders overcome generational gaps in their organisation.

  • Leaders currently leading Millennials and Gen Z
  • Millennials who are becoming 1st time leaders

Millennial & Gen Z Leadership

Our programme equips leaders with a modernised leadership method to effective lead and create high performing teams

Improve Organisational Performance

Generational Diversity is the ultimate competitive advantage, A fully optimised generational diverse workforce are better equipped to respond to today’s high-flux and disruption-prone marketplace.

Reduce Workplace Conflict

More and more managers are finding out top-down authoritative based leadership is outdated and often have counterproductive results with Gen Z and Millennials employees.

Raise Engagement and lower turnover cost

Leaders will learn how to foster a workplace of respect, inclusion, open communication, and freedom to create and implement ideas to capitalize on their generations’ diverse cognitive power.

Our RDI Workshops in Action

What our clients say

After RDI’s intervention I have a much better awareness of your triggers, values and physical and emotional reaction around Millennials and Gen Z employees and am able to choose my attitude and form effective leadership responses.

I was able to really learn how to empower my Millennial Employee in decision making and also used a framework provided by Eric for more effective 1:1 to build rapport and build trust with my team.

Mr. Kim – Executive Director of Global Fastfood franchise company in Korea, who initially struggled with Gen Z and Millennial employees but were able to build strong working relationships and get even better performance from his team.  

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