Doing Business in Korea

Successful managers around the world get posted to a new country and find the new ‘rules of the game’ to be complicated at best, totally impenetrable at worst. What makes you successful in one country does not guarantee success elsewhere. In this respect Korea is no different, however Korea has very much a unique track record of history and recent development that makes for a special combination of country level, regional level and international differences that make doing business in Korea challenging.

Our Seoul office is applying a global mindset combined with local knowledge and expertise, we are a team of both Koreans and non-Koreans, speaking more than five languages with experience living in countries all around the world.

Whether you have not started doing business here or you have well-established activities we can help you and your counterparts to overcome the cultural and language barriers to unleash the true potential of your team in Korea or the business you are hoping to flourish.

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