Who We Are

Gordon Dudley


Eric Wan

Director of Professional Development

Hyun-Chung Choi

Marketing Manager

Brandon Yoon

International Business Development Director

Sheana Dudley

Managing Director (UK)

Tracy Ho

Leadership Coach / Personal Branding Specialist (HK)

Jure Šutar

Consultant (Europe Region)

Jihyun Kang

Korean/English Facilitator / Communication Coach

About People!
RDI is passionate about people, we are a
company who succeed as we generate
success for others, we treat every
engagement as a special new challenge,
customising our services to the
detailed needs of the client
RDI is multi-national and multi-lingual
with globalised employees who have
lived in several countries, speaking at
least three languages and who can
identify the unique qualities of being
truly global
Right Person,
Right Job
RDI is always striving to find the right
person for the right job, whether that is
searching for the right person or matching
the candidate to the right job
RDI is creative in its strategy generation to
provide the best possible service at all times
and insightful to deliver a valued service to
each and every client
  1. Research Direct International was founded in 1996 in Leeds,UK. Head office is located in Leeds, with local offices established in Seoul, South Korea. RDI also has partnerships around the world with professional researchers and facilitators
  2. Established to provide pan-European searches, RDI has since grown to support clients with global searches through a comprehensive search program
  3. RDI works with a diverse client set, across all industry verticals, we are able to support consultancies at all stages of their search and also direct to corporate clients