Key Facts & Figures

RDI has a proven track record of client satisfaction

Performance Stats

Executive Search:
  • Average number of searches per annum since RDI was founded in 1996: 47
  • Ratio of Executive and C-Level Placement: 31%
  • Ratio of completed searches for FORBES Global Fortune 500 Companies: 23%
Professional Development
  • over 70% managers received promotion or broader responsibility after completing leadership programmes designed and delivered by Eric Wan
  • Retail company’s employee retention rate on high potential development programme increased by 30% after programme re-design by Eric Wan

Researcher of Year Award 2013

  • RDI is extremely proud of Sheana Dudley (Head of Research) for being recognised at a national level for consistently high level of work and service to the executive search industry
  • The award is evaluated by senior industry players acting as judges to determine the most suitable recipient each year
  • The award is evaluated over five separate categories: service offering, creativity, professionalism, international and outcome