• Is your company one that people aspire to work at?
  • Does your company put people first?
  • Are your colleagues happy with HR policy and talent management?
  • Do you have global mobility, the right person in the right job?

RDI has been analysing what ‘Global Standard’ truly means and most importantly what is needed to perform at those standards. We can help organisations to firstly understand their current competency set when applied to global markets and then develop go-to- market strategies with the people who should implement – your employees.

What is the RDI Global Readiness Index?

A brand new assessment tool to measure the current capability of companies to successfully venture into global markets and be globally competitive. It will deliver invaluable insights into the core competencies required to be a market leading firm.

We are gathering data from around the world from employees in and outside of HR in order to help companies assess their Global Readiness.

What does Global Readiness Measure?

  • Infrastructure
  • Global HR Policy
  • People Management
  • Global HR Function
  • Leadership Development

4 Steps to Global Readiness