Global Management Training

At RDI, we are firm believers that learning and development happens not only in the classroom; in fact studies have proven that only 10% of professional development comes from formal learning!

  • Our speciality is cross-cultural management, where most businesses (even multi-nationals) struggle to be effective. Our culturally diverse team have the experience and knowledge to give you the advantage in the global market
  • RDI leverages experience and knowledge from both in-house and external trainers to bring you the best return on investment when it comes to professional development
  • We can tailor bespoke programs for you from one hour bite-size workshops to 18 month modular programs; from individual coaching up to 100+ participants, we make sure that learning & development happens at the right pace and right time

Customised Programs

Whether you are a business manager looking to unlock potential and deliver your business strategy or a HR professional looking to address specific learning & development issue, we can partner with you to provide a customised solution that matches your organisation’s needs and keeps your workforce engaged!

We have established workshops designed and ready to address specific skills, but learning & development is more than just attending workshops. We can offer customised solutions to bring the best out of your workforce:

Our professional development solutions:
  • Leadership Development Programmes: The future is now! Gain an edge over your competitors and start building your next generation of leaders today
  • Effective Business Communication: When operating in the Information Age, your organisations cannot be ineffective when it comes to communication. Cross-culture or inter-team, we can work with you to ensure communication is done effectively
  • More than a classroom! We create unique learning experiences in/out of the session, which build lasting impressions that form sustainable productive habits
Workshops & Seminars:
  • Customised workshops according to your needs, from one hour bite-size workshops to 18 month modular programs
  • Team building, vision creation, identity sharing, career planning
  • Korean business environment in global context and localisation
  • Practical education that makes positive change for management and working level
Coaching & Mentoring:
  • Experience both in-house and external coaching
  • Application of Coaching with Compassion as well as other techniques
  • Globalised and culturally sensitive coaches
  • Action-oriented approach to help mentees to move forward
  • Totally private and confidential service


The RDI trainer was able to bring our multi-culture group together and have fun

Corporate Client

RDI’s coach gained commitment from our colleagues to make changes by diagnosing the problem and root causes via coaching and let them reflect

RDI Client