Case Studies

RDI Search Experience

Passionate About People:
  • RDI’s true passion was tested when an international client sought an Irish national from a very limited target list of companies to emigrate to Australia, RDI met the challenge with a candidate willing to relocate around the globe
Multi-National, Multi-Lingual
  • RDI was tasked with placing a candidate in the energy sector in French-speaking West Africa, despite serious communication difficulties, language barriers and a very limited target list, we shortlisted to the client within five weeks
Right Person, Right Job
  • Global automotive client sought a Korean national to head up their design studio in Korea, key point was an outstanding designer with substantial experience of working in Europe or USA required. RDI embarked on a global search to find this rather niche profile, finally we were able to identify and contact potential candidates from varied professional backgrounds. The position was filled and customer satisfaction was so high that an additional three identified candidates have also been hired to other global roles
Creative, Insightful
  • A UK national body sought someone with a good understanding of the regulatory process. With an executive of mostly newly appointed Directors, it was crucial that this hire be credible not only with the UK Board but with other heads of industry, and Government Ministers. With a salary package that was uncompetitive in the commercial sector, and where time and location were problematic this was a demanding brief where only the very best was acceptable. RDI tapped into diverse sectors to find the best match
RDI Business Development Experience
RDI Search Experience