Premier HR Events in Korea

RDI Worldwide runs regular events both open to anyone and invitation only, all are interactive and all have an HR focus.

Our Executive Seminar Series runs almost monthly, please contact us for more details.

People Matters mini-conferences ran through 2018 on a range of topics such as Women in Leadership and Personal Branding

Topic specific events such as Strategic Communication or events with partner organisations can also be found here.

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``People Matters`` - HR Events in Seoul

RDI cares about bringing people together. As such, we have created one of the premier HR events in Korea. People Matters are bi-monthly Global HR events focusing on a range of HR challenges and solutions. People Matters offers an opportunity to meet people who care about HR and to share best practice. Therefore, each event has a theme which is developed by an expert panel invited by RDI. We welcome anyone to join – hope to see you at the next event!

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People Matters are the premier HR events in Korea, covering a range of HR challenges and best practice solutions.

Past Events

Exec Seminar Series: Employee Experience & Design Thinking (June 2019)

Exec Seminar Series: Communicating & building engagement with millennials in your organisation (March 2019)

Lego Serious Play Workshop: Strategic Communication

Exec Seminar Series: Digital Innovation

People Matters 4th Edition: How to Manage Stress

People Matters – 3rd Edition - Personal Branding

Wednesday July 4th @ 6:30pm

Location: WeWork Yeouido Station 20F

Poeple Matters HR events in Korea

People Matters x IE Business School, Spark Your Creativity

Poeple Matters HR events in Korea partnering with ie business school

People Matters – 2nd Edition – Women in Leadership

Poeple Matters HR events in Korea

People Matters - Launch Event

Poeple Matters HR events in Korea